“My mother was an artist. She painted in the “Old Masters” style, like Rembrandt, and introduced me to painting when I was seven years old.

I think I was too young though to be touched by it. Years later after studying Tourism, I worked as a Stewardess for KLM.

Around 2001 the combination of flying around the world and having a family was too difficult to manage. By staying at home and having lots of free time, a consciousness process started: “What do I want in life and what makes me happy?”

I learned to find inspiration in myself, while before that time I looked for and found it outside of me/in my own environment. This insight brought me freedom of expression, which lead me to painting again. I started with painting lessons as a hobby first, but got caught up by the special feeling that over came me while painting; being at ease, satisfaction and balance.

To refine my tecnical painting skills I was trained by Bob Tomanovic who works with perceptions of light and spiritual themes. He taught me to bring “order in chaos” by using refined techniques. The lessons I learned began with a figurative form of concept, but sometimes the easiest way to begin is just to dip the brush into the paint. In both situations, I as the artist, noticed that working from my intuition, I can surprise even myself.  Afterwards I see forms in my piece I did not paint consciously. Forms that I did not think about managed to find their way onto the surface of the canvas. And people see in it what they want to see. This in turns allows my pieces to, not only be exclusive for me, but it also grants a personal meaning to the viewer.

If someone enjoys my work, of course I like it. If my work brings out more emotion, that I find fantastic. However, when my painting(s) really touch people, I am happy as an artist. Then I have reached my goal.”
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